Meet the Judges

On this page you can ‘meet’ the Judges for the 2018 APHC and find out about them, why they’re judging and what they’re looking for in an Australian Pup and Australian Handler.


Each of the 4 active Pup and Handler Groups (PAHs) will be nominating a Judge to serve on the 7 member judging panel. The remaining 3 members will be our Special Guest Judge, the 2017 Australian Pup and the 2017 Australian Handler.


Special Guest Judge:

Pup Kona

Pup Kona is the current producer of the IPTC and on the board to IPAHW, formerly International Puppy 2015 and NW Puppy 2015, Co-Founder of BLFC Puppy Summit Group, Co-Founder of APHC, Co-Founder of Paw and Pounce Weekend and a contributing writer for

Kona is a French Bulldog and leather pup currently residing in Canada. He’s been working with non-profit charity organisations for over 13 years. Kona currently works alongside Helping Paws, a local-non-profit charity organisation who helps charities and causes throughout the BC area with mascot performances and entertainment. He’s the Founder of PAHs Without Borders, which focuses on mentoring, support and conversations all around the world in ht e effort to give every pup and Handler a chance to grow, be heard and loved. Throughput his travels he’s reached out to community groups all over the world, sharing his passion and his teachings both in and out of puppy play. Kona is the Alpha of the Dogwood Pack, a member of Van-PAH, Sea-PAH, Sir Justin’s Kennel and a part of the furry fandom

Representing South Australian Pups and Handlers:

Sir Gerry Ebert


It is safe to say that Gerry Ebert is not afraid of blazing a trail. In 2015, along with a bunch of dedicated leather folk, he helped create Adelaide Leather & Fetish which single handedly revitalised the leather and fetish community in South Australia. In 2016 he won the first Mr Adelaide Leather title and helped form the Adelaide Leather and Fetish Committee. He then went on to win the inaugural Australian Leatherman title in 2017, with a platform of putting South Australia back on the fetish map, and bringing all of the leather communities of Australia together. Later that year he competed at International Mr Leather 39, and created GEAR’d, Adelaide’s first dedicated leather and fetish weekend, all while also helping create and run Dorothy’s Dungeon, a monthly camp fetish night at Oz nightclub with also taking out Most Popular Male in South Australia. After his step down as Mr Adelaide Leather 2016, he was nominated to be the president of Adelaide Leather and Fetish, and with other pillars of the Australian Leather Community helped create the first national leather float for Mardi Gras 40. What’s next for this hardworking leatherman? More firsts, paving the way for South Australia’s first Ms Leather title and first South Australia Bootblack title, and making GEAR’d bigger and better.


Representing Victorian Pups and Handlers:

John Cheshire

John Cheshire is Melbourne Rubber Man 2017 and Mr International Rubber 2018 runner up. His mission is to convert the world to latex – one person at a time. John wears latex anywhere and everywhere – casually and formally – to events and to brunch. Latex is not just a sexual fetish – it brings happiness to people.

It makes them smile. It takes them out of themselves and helps connect with others. As the sexiest fabric there is, latex also helps us to express ourselves as sexual beings! He is well known in the Melbourne LGBTIQ and kink communities for his commitment to diversity and perversity. He is a pansexual, polyamorous, sado-masochistic, switch.


Representing Queensland Pups and Handlers:

Scout Bullivant

Many of you know me as Pup Skout or Spanky depending which pup comes out to play.

I have been around the kennels for about 6 years, this coming September being my 7th pup birthday. I have watched our puptastic community grow and become so supportive of all things puppy and Handler. While I identify as a leather pup, I also live a life as a boy with a Sir and a member of the house of the Munkeh King. My pup brothers and sisters help complete my existence with their love and support. By day I am a chef and work at The Sportsman Hotel in Brisbane, enjoy reading about our various cultures and continually fascinated by the various arts of BDSM, both in a creative and practical application. In 2015 I helped found Q-PAH then 2016 won the title Mr Queensland Leather and since then have not looked back, today I am the current President of Q-PAH and get the honour and privilege to travel to so many pup and Handler events across Australia. I am looking forward to seeing our community grow even more with the 2nd Australian Pup and Handler Competition. Skout is very mischievous and while Spanky is very playful, Skout has many of his cultural upbringing in the traditional leather community, however has an understanding that all worlds need to co-exist with a balanced approach, community is everything to this little pup and if there was one word to describe his pup world it would be naughty….


Representing Sydney Pups and Handlers:

Sir JB, Johnny Tyndall

John-Bernard Known as Johnny, Sir JB and, to the old Guard of Australia, Puppy. Johnny has been heavily involved with Local Sydney Leather Pride, Mardigras and recently with Harbour City Bears having held the title of President, Vice President and Special Events Coordinator. Johnny was instrumental in the return of Sydney Ms Leather competition. He also has been the Event Coordinator now for 2 Mr Harbour City Bears comps and was the compere last year and will be this year as well. Being one of the first puppies of Sydney, this competition holds a special place in his heart. So many puppies are at the beginning of their kink life! It’s essential that there are good handlers to nurture their adventurist minds. Johnny holds the titles of: Manchester Bear Cub 2003 Hoist Bootblack 2005 Sydney Mr Leather 2010, 2011 Sir 2011 First Runner-up Mr Australia New Zealand Mr leather Acting President Sydney Leather Pride 2014 Special Events Coordinator, Sydney Leather pride 2012-Present President Harbour City Bears 2017 Vice President Harbour City Bears 2018 Special Events Coordinator 2017 – Present


2017 Australian Puppy:

Thomas ‘Panther” Irwin

Pup Panther (or Tom) is the current and first ever Australian Puppy. He currently lives in Brisbane where he also won the Queensland Leather Puppy title in 2017. Panther got his start in pup play after being pushed over the edge by a kinky friend from Seattle. From there he dove head first in to the local fetish club BootCo. He has also been an active member with Queensland Pups & Handlers (Q-PAH) helping further the organisation in Queensland through volunteering and contributing to committee goals. Panther has travelled regularly to all active PAH organisations and is a well-known member of each community. He has also extensively travelled to other fetish weekends and helped promote the pup and handler community to the wider public. Panther is a strong advocate for gender diversity and is passiona

te about providing safe environments for all pups regardless of location. By creating these environments, he believes it fosters positive growth within the pup and handler community. He believes pup play is the gateway to a large array of kinks and tries to instil key values of respect, consent and open communication in his workshops. On the mats, you can find Panther quietly off to the side waiting to find the perfect puppy to pounce on, however is rarely successful. When he is in human mode he regularly engages with new members about the basics of pups and handlers and the general rules associated with play ensuring a safe space is created and can be enjoyed by all.


2017 Australian Handler:

Sir Jason ‘Erebus’

Erebus here (or Jason if you want to be weird about it). I am a pup turned handler who managed to wrangle the title of first APHC Handler in 2017. I currently fly the flag for Melbourne and I am very proud of the community here as a whole and so glad that I am a member of it.

I started off on the mats as a pup and managed to turn handler after meeting my Pup Reaper, and haven’t looked back. I believe that experience helped me grow as a handler, adding my ability to get a pup into headspace and know how to deal with them when they are there.

If I had one word to describe the environment I try and foster when I handle pups it would be cheeky. There is nothing quite like seeing a pup try to push their luck and seeing how far they can take their pupsonality without stepping too far out of line.

Outside of this space, I am generally a boring person, so try to keep the conversation relevant unless you want to learn about old gaming stuff or how a CPU works (pro tip, you don’t).