Meet the Judges: Scout Bullivant

Representing Queensland Pups and Handlers:

Scout Bullivant

Many of you know me as Pup Skout or Spanky depending which pup comes out to play.

I have been around the kennels for about 6 years, this coming September being my 7th pup birthday. I have watched our puptastic community grow and become so supportive of all things puppy and Handler. While I identify as a leather pup, I also live a life as a boy with a Sir and a member of the house of the Munkeh King. My pup brothers and sisters help complete my existence with their love and support. By day I am a chef and work at The Sportsman Hotel in Brisbane, enjoy reading about our various cultures and continually fascinated by the various arts of BDSM, both in a creative and practical application. In 2015 I helped found Q-PAH then 2016 won the title Mr Queensland Leather and since then have not looked back, today I am the current President of Q-PAH and get the honour and privilege to travel to so many pup and Handler events across Australia. I am looking forward to seeing our community grow even more with the 2nd Australian Pup and Handler Competition. Skout is very mischievous and while Spanky is very playful, Skout has many of his cultural upbringing in the traditional leather community, however has an understanding that all worlds need to co-exist with a balanced approach, community is everything to this little pup and if there was one word to describe his pup world it would be naughty….